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Travel much?

Hey y'all!

Are you enjoying your summer? I can honestly say, this has been the best summer in a long time! I've enjoyed the weather, the beach, and went on a few trips (hence why I didn't write last month).

First I took my sons on a trip to Wisconsin Dells (for those that don't live near Chicago, Wisconsin Dells is about 3 hours away. It is a popular waterpark vacation spot for families). Accompanying my boys and I was my girlfriend and her son. It was good to get away with the kids and my girlfriend, to just relax.

The second trip came the day after I brought the boys home from the Dells. I finally went to Miami. I say finally because for years I avoided Miami because in my mind, I needed to have a certain figure to go so that I would fit in (can you say low self esteem). Boy was I wrong! Miami was nothing like you see on tv. Everyone there is not tanned, thin, or with muscles everywhere. These were regular people on vacation.

The purpose of my trip was to attend the American Black Film Festival. That was a fun trip (outside of a few issues)!! I got to meet and take pics with Boris Kodjoe, Jay Ellis, Teri Vaughn, Tom Joyner, and Bresha Webb. I got to see some pretty dope movies, see Bobby Brown again (although I couldn't get a picture), eat some fantastic tacos and the best part... we crashed a HBO party.

Lastly, I took my first trip to Denver. People were so funny about this trip. Countless time I was asked if I could bring them back the good weed. HAHAHA NO!! Denver was fantastic! I was able to hang out with my girlfriends, eat delicious food, stare at the mountains, and even hike! It was unbelievable to see a mountain up close. It didn't even look real. I had such a great experience there that I even considered moving there. There was a sad component to it though. I saw so many homeless people there it was unreal. I've never in my life seen some many. It broke my heart and made me extremely thankful for EVERYTHING I have.

Hopefully you have been able to get away from your everyday surroundings for a little fun in the sun. If you have, email me and tell me all about it.

Until next time...

Say Cheese!


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