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A little spark never hurt anyone

I've been known to get bored easily. Not something i'm proud of, but rather something I'm working on. Sadly, even when I LOVE something, I get bored and want to change it. My photography has not been exempt from this. But instead of giving up on it, I decided to try something different with it.

Enters my girlfriends. Imma tell you, my girls are dope!!! I told the girls my idea and they were all for it. They didn't hesitate at all. They simply said, "let me know where to be."

Trying to find the perfect setting for this shoot was a STRUGGLE for me. There were many places I thought of that might match the vision I had for this project, but none of them struck me as being perfect. One day, while discussing the dilemma with a good friend of mine over dinner, she suggested something that I had never thought about. She suggested doing the shoot on a boat. YES TOSHA!!! That’s a brilliant idea!!! Tosha worked her magic, secured a boat and soon after we were out on the harbor boarding what would soon become the sexiest boat in Lake Michigan.

I selected this group of friends based on their confidence, ability to work the camera, willingness to be exposed and of course their sexiness.

I've only ever shot one boudoir shoot since I started four years ago. I've been asked a few times after that, but nothing ever came of it.

I decided to promote it with this special project.

What I took away from this experience was that sexiness is in all shapes and sizes, sometimes I need to just try something new, and more women need to feel confident and know that they are sexy no matter what.

So to my girls, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping to put that little spark back in my eyes, for showing me what real support looks like, and for serving those a*&^%$$% for the camera! I love you deeply!!!

If you are sexy ad you know it, contact me for a boudoir shoot today!

Until next time,

Say Cheese!


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