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New Year Resolution

I know it’s a weird title considering it’s October 3rd. Well October 3rd is the start of my new year. My 43rd year to be exact. So instead of waiting until January 1st I decided to make some goals for my 43rd year.

I won’t bore you with the goals I’ve set for myself for this year, but I will tell you my thought behind it.

Every year most of us put this unrealistic start date on ourselves after we’ve slack on on these things the year before. Although a couple of my goals do include health related things, most of it is about time.

I recently went to the eye doctor and kept hearing a reoccurring theme. “You are getting older and things change.” SERIOUSLY doc!!! After the “revelation” I conceded to the fact he’s right. I mean my dad is retiring in December, I have a 21, 18, and 16 year old!!! I really don’t understand how any of that is possible. But it got me to thinking. Time is so precious. We always think we have forever, but truly we don’t. People my age and younger, are dying from things you would only think “old” people would die from. But nope.

It also had me thinking about what I spend my time doing. I realize a lot of time is spent holding my phone. So much so that my seven year old was like “mommy why are you always on your phone.” Well dang son! He’s right though. People are always on the phone. I went to brunch the other day and everyone outside of two kids and myself were on the phone. That’s nuts! We are supposed to be talking and being together. I decided at that moment, it’s time to detox from the electronic handcuff. Lol ok that’s extreme but I am putting time limits on how long I’m on the phone.

I really want to reclaim my time. Reconnect with people in a more sincere way and continue to live the best life I can.

So good people, I wish you a fantastic day and Happy Birthday to me!

Until next time... Say cheese! Tara

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