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It's worth the fight

For years I struggled with being over weight. At my heaviest I was a solid 178 pounds! Can you imagine (well you don’t have to, Ive attached pictures)?!? I’m only 5’1.5. So I was ROUND! I knew I needed to get “some” weight off but didn’t realize how bad it was until I saw the picture I took with Governor Quinn (February 8, 2016) I swear we looked like the number 10!! I told my girlfriend that I needed a friend that knew all about nutrition cause clearly I was doing something wrong. I mean, I couldn’t cut anything else out. I tried almost everything and nothing worked past 5 pounds.  February 12, 2016 I went to a networking event. I'm typically a rather quiet person. This event wasn’t much different. Out of the other 5-6 people at my table, I communicated with one woman in particular. I said hello when she sat next to me and asked what she did. She told me she helps women lose weight. I said "tell me more!" We exchanged cards and the next day I contacted her. February 17, 2016 I went to her office. I was blown away with the things she shared with me. That day, terrified, I made the decision to work with her. She was exactly what I needed.  I lost about 34 pounds (my highest to lowest weight on my home scale)!! I couldn’t believe it!! It felt so amazing to shop and fit sizes I’ve only dreamed of.  For a year I kept it off. But then I had surgery. URGH I was blown up with gases. I couldn’t work out and had a ridiculous affair with tacos and carbs. That affair gave me back 20 pounds. I wasn’t happy! I refused to buy more clothes or go up a size. I contacted her (although we never lost contact) again. February 1, 2018 I went back to see her and got re-evaluated. I was mad at myself but also determined to get back on track. Well I’m proud to say, those 20 pounds are gone. I have a better understanding as to how my body works. And I feel good again.  I said all this to say, never give up on your dreams, goals, or desires for a better you. It’s worth the fight. 

(If you would like to talk to Dr. Amanda, click on the link

Until next time...

Say Cheese!


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