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I'm not sure how long you've been following me, but when I first started, I never sought out to have a business. But here we are. After all of these years, I still love connecting with people, especially women. I love to encourage them, help them feel comfortable, beautiful and empowered.

Last summer I was asked to showcase my work in an art gallery. I wasn't really sure how it would work since the gallery is housed in a junior college. With covid, most places have restrictions or are still closed, so I didn't think it was going to still happen. Fast foward to February of this year and I received an email from one of the art instructors, Amy Babinec, asking if I was still interested. OMG I said! In shock and scared because now my work will be on total display and I wasn't prepared. I NEVER sought out to have a business and I NEVER thought my photos would be showcased in a art exhibition.

Terrified and all, I did what was needed and produced images from two sessions I had with my God-sister. My God-sister is amazing!!! Talk about making lemonade from lemons, turning a negative into a positive and any other cliche you could think of, she is it. She turned a tragedy in her life to a successful brand (you can read more about her here

After going to visit the show, I'll admit, I'm proud of myself. Even though I never thought it would happen, I'm so glad that it did. My completely warmed my heart to see how proud my parents and sons were to view the show with me.

To all of my friends and family who have already visited, THANK YOU!! For those that can't make it, there is an online galley you can visit. You can click on the "i" in the top left hand corner to get directions.

Until next time,

Say Cheese!



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