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Let’s spring back..

What a time it is to be alive. Isn’t it amazing how seasons change? Going from wind as cold as lemonade on a summer day and the sky as gray as ash, to flowers that bloom under the sun and prickly grass.

It’s almost as if the earth dies and is reborn again.

What do you do to prepare for spring? Little spring cleaning? Maybe start working out? Plan a couple trips?

All in which make you feel better about the winter funk.

I guess this winter was different than any other. This is the first time the world felt like it was ending as the winter days went on. No gatherings with families and friends for fun holidays. No hugs for Christmas or New Years cheers all together. It almost seemed as though the winter was what was going to break us all.

BUT, then we got our first warm day. We finally felt the sun kiss our skin. The snow melted away leaving room for the grass to grow if it decided too.

And then .. in that moment we all felt “it”.

Things were “normal”

The sun where it should be. Outside where we should be. Enjoying outdoors.

So let’s spring back! Let’s be proactive, safe, and “normal.”

It’s spring time y’all .



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