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It's funny how life goes sometimes. After deciding grad school was not my cup of tea and trying to determine if I wanted to stay married, I was desperately looking for some joy in my life. As I was talking to a former co-worker about being miserable in grad school, I told her I wanted to buy a "real camera". She simply said, "do it!" And so I did.

I signed up for a class because someone had to teach me how to use this camera. That class was WHACK!! But in the meantime, I would take random pics just trying to get a feel for things. My personal trainer asked me after a session, "do you take pictures? I mean like for real". I was like "ummm YEA", he's like I want you to take some action shots for me. Deal!! So we met at this park. I swear it was a million degrees outside that day. I was TERRIFIED!! I couldn't eat. I felt sick to my stomach!! But I acted like I knew what I was doing. Below is the result (on the left is the shot my daughter took. On the right is the actual picture). Now at the time I thought, "ok that went well" but today!!! HA!! This was horrible!!

I quickly figured I should get better help with trying to figure this thing out. Now while I've always taken pictures, I knew dealing with the "real camera" was going to take more than just my love for it. So I found a mentor. I suggest anyone that is trying to grow at something to do this! Since 2014, I've actually had about 4 mentors. I've also gone to a couple workshops.

I say all this to say, it's important that you continue to learn and grow in whatever it is that you love to do, so that one day you can look back on it and see how far you have really come. I'm nowhere near where I desire to be...but I'm getting closer. (Picture on the left taken by my daughter :-) )

Until next time...

Say Cheese!


ps... if you are looking for an amazing trainer check him out!

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